Who is liable if a child has an accident while driving their parent's car?

When you hand your child the keys to your car, you have some of the same responsibilities as if you were driving. You will be held liable if your child is in an accident if you allowed your child to drive knowing they were reckless, incompetent or too inexperienced to handle the situation. Thus when a new driver who had his licence less than a month was given his mother's car to drive to school, both of his parents were sued when his reckless driving and excessive speeding led to the deaths of passengers in his car and the driver of the car he hit when he crossed the dividing line on the roadway. Parents will also be held responsible for damages to persons and property when you have your child take the car to run an errand for you or act in your behalf. In my next report what if your child takes your car without your permission, whose responsible then? I'll have that in my next report.

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