You've just won a big court case. How do you go about collecting your money?

When you go to court and win its a great feeling, especially if the Judge or jury awards you lots of money in damages. But if you have a vision of loser in the case writing you a check for the full amount on the courthouse steps, you're about to learn the truth. Most times the losing side will appeal the judgement. They can begin right away by asking the trial judge to set aside the jury's verdict. They may ask the judge to reconsider whether the award is excessive or whether they should even be held liable. The prospect of a long appeal causes many who won in court to settle for less ,rather than wait to see if high courts uphold the verdict. But what if the verdict is upheld, how do you get your money? Your lawyer may need to get a lien against property owned by the losing party or force their employer to pay you a portion of their salary. That's called garnishing their wages. Because of all the trouble it takes to collect a judgement, some lawyers say a good settlement is worth more than a big verdict. If the parties agree to a settlement chances are good you'll get paid.

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