Lawyers ask a lot of questions. What can you ask a lawyer in order to pick a good one?

Before deciding whether to hire a lawyer interview them and ask plenty of questions. How long has he or see been in practice. What kind of experience does the lawyer having handling your type of case? Ask for names of former clients you can check as references. Once you narrow down your choices ask the lawyer if they will commit to a fee structure in a written agreement. Will they return your phone calls within the day or so? Do their bills specify what work was done, when and by whom? Often in larger firms the lawyer you hire doesn't do all of the work. If they're billing $200 dollars an hour, will you be charged the same if a young associate does some of the work? You can ask for monthly progress reports and require that you be consulted on all important decisions in your case. In my next report how much do lawyers charge and what's a retainer anyway?

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