Two Friends of Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis Found Not Guilty in the Superbowl Murder Trial

Ray Lewis and his former co-defendants were charged with murder and aggravated assault. If convicted they could have been sentenced to life in prison. Now none of them will serve any time in jail. Click on the helmet for the full story.

Elian Update: Miami Relatives Denied Request for Review

(Click "Elian Update" for full story)

Here are the headlines:

* 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds 3 judge panel's ruling that Elian Gonzalez is too young to seek asylum on his own.
* Juan Miguel Gonzalez' lawyer says he is gratified by decision.
* Miami Relatives must decide whether to seek Supreme Court review and new stay preventing Elian from being returned to Cuba.

A mother in Miami asks Castro to release her 9-year-old daughter from Cuba

Little Havana. Milagros Cruz lies on a cot in a tent right up the street from the home of Elain Gonzalez' Miami relatives. She has been on a hunger strike more than a month.

Elian Raid Legally Justified but breaks Little Havana's Heart

Little Havana. From the day the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals granted Elian's Miami relatives a stay ordering Elian to be kept in the U.S. pending the appeal of his application for Asylum, I knew just how it was going to end.

The Com Game

Are you master of your own domain? Can you use your own name on the net or has someone else already laid claim to it? Where were you when all the good domain names were taken? When the Internet "gold rush" began, did you have your pick and shovel ready, or are you just arriving at the general store looking for supplies?

Death Penalty Being Considered by Jury In Triple Murder. First Time in Federal Courthouse in Greenbelt, MD

Greenbelt,MD. The Jury is now hearing eveidence in a "second trial" for defendant Willis Haynes. After convicting him of premeditated murder in the fatal shootings of three women earlier this month, jurors must now decide if Haynes should be put to death by lethal injection or spend the rest of his life in prison.

Judge's antitrust ruling breaks up Microsoft monopoly. Bill Gates calls it 'unwarranted'.

Bill Gates says Microsoft will continue developing new software while appealing the decision.

Its graduation season. If parents let kids drink beer and wine at a party in a private home are they breaking the law?

We've all heard stories of the parents down the block who let their underage kids drink beer or wine at home. Every state has laws prohibiting...

Who is liable if a child has an accident while driving their parent's car?

When you hand your child the keys to your car, you have some of the same responsibilities as if you were driving. You will be held liable if your...

If your child damages someone else's property are you responsible to pay for it?

Let's say your child broke an item in a store. If it was an accident legally you don't have to pay for it. The law in most states doesn't create...

In a town full of lawyers how do you find a good one?

Buying a house, writing a will, getting in an accident, or being charged with a crime. These are all times we need a lawyer. Lawyers generally...

Lawyers ask a lot of questions. What can you ask a lawyer in order to pick a good one?

Before deciding whether to hire a lawyer interview them and ask plenty of questions. How long has he or see been in practice. What kind of experience...

How much will it cost to hire a lawyer, and what is a retainer anyway?

You probably figure lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour. Some of them so. But others work for a portion of the money they get you. This is...

When you hire a lawyer, who pays the expenses of preparing your case?

Lawyers take cases and charge hourly fees or they may handle personal injury claims on a contingency basis, meaning they don't get paid if they don't...

You've just won a big court case. How do you go about collecting your money?

When you go to court and win its a great feeling, especially if the Judge or jury awards you lots of money in damages. But if you have a vision of...

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